Visual Production

Give your guests something to look at. Upgrade your package with some visuals. Our Visual Package includes Zap Shots, montage, and a custom digital on screen graphic.

What are Zap Shots?

Zap Shots are live candid photos taken by our professional Zap photographer. All the photos taken are displayed live on our LED Screens. And Yes you get to keep the photos taken!


Photos bring back so many memories. Share your past and current memories with your guests with a Montage. Our creative designers will create a custom 5-10 minute slideshow of your favorite photos placed perfectly and chronologically, and display them to your guests during dinner or a time of your choice. This is a great way illustrate your relationship journey or memorial to embrace lost ones,

Digital on Screen Graphic

Add some branding to your event! Let our creative team create a custom logo for your event and display it on our screens.